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Cleveland Heights High School
Class Of 1974 (and special guests)

Welcome to the Cleveland Heights High Class Of 1974 web site. This site was originally set up for the 35th Reunion at Punderson State Park.  It has now become so much more: a gathering place for classmates to share stories, memories, photos, and contact info.  Registration for this SITE is open to any '74 Heights grad or an invited guest and is FREE.

Encourage classmates who have yet to sign up for the web site to do so. The site will remain active for the foreseeable future.  Use the domain name or

Take time to view the profiles and current pics of classmates by clicking on their names in Classmates Profiles, read the memorials folks have left for our classmates in the In Memory Section.  View elementary school class pictures on the Pic pages.   Send a private message to someone you haven't connected with in decades.  You really could spend hours...


It's easy to register for this site:

1.    Check the list of "Classmate Profiles" on the left hand column of this page;

2.    Click on your name and complete the site registration.  Just about everyone should be listed (even though maiden names and last names might be inverted).

When you sign up to use the site, you will have to go through Four or Five Steps (no, this isn't a chemical dependency treatment program).

3.     If your name is already in the database of the site, Step 1 will ask you to "JOIN HERE."  Use that block, not the "send invite" area below it.  If your name is not in the database, write me an email and I will add you

4.     Step 2 will ask a bunch of questions.  This is actually an important screen.  I would allow classmates to view things, but that's up to you.  However, one of the options at the bottom must be checked or search engines and the public can see your profile.  So, I would suggest that you make sure to check the option that reads:

Profile Visibility:  
  Block the general public and search engines from accessing your Profile details. Note: Checking this option allows only fellow Classmates participating in this site to view your Profile details. Leaving this box unchecked will allow the public to view your Profile details.


You can answer the other questions if you want.

5.     Step 3 gives you the opportunity to add a picture if you want.

6.     Step 4 gives you the opportunity to learn of profile changes of classmates if you want.

Then you can view your profile live.

Only about 1/2 of our class are in the system.  Please call those you know who might be interested in being listed, or send us their phone number or email address and we  will contact them.  If you can't register for the site for any reason, give Brent a call at 612.703.5063 or write him at



Finally, a note on the "In Memory" page.  The names that appear on the page were provided by the Alumni Association, appeared in prior reunion programs, or have been given to us by classmates.  Our humblest apologies for any errors that might appear.  If errors are spotted, please let us know and we will promptly remove the names.  We will also notify the Association when this process is through so that they have the most complete and correct list going forward.


 If you have a class picture (one that shows you and your classmates e.g. Mrs. Morgan's First Grade Class at Taylor), scan it, let us know and email it to us (  We are uploading the pictures to the web site and organizing them by junior high, so, if you went to Belvoir, your class pictures would be on the Pics Wiley Elem page, or if you went to Boulevard, the pictures would appear on the Pics Roosevelt Elem page.  If you went to Taylor, the students went either to Wiley or Roosevelt depending on where they lived so the pictures will be placed in both the Wiley and Roosevelt pages.  This way, everyone can enjoy the photos.  If you can identify the names of the persons in the photo for us, that would be great.  . 

If you have candid photos taken of classmates, send those along and we will add them to the Misc Pics Page.  If you have compromising photos of classmates (especially of me), send them to me just for fun (I won't upload them) ;). 


Anyway, welcome.  Write me if you have any questions or call us 612.703.5063.  Take care.  Brent