We all see national surveys on television and in the press.  I don't know about you, but I have never been contacted to be part of a survey of this type.  We have a large and diverse class.  We are spread out throughout the world and are engaged in a wide variety of work (employed, unemployed, retired, business owners, hourly, salaried, professional, gig economy, etc.). 

I thought it would be interesting to see how the class feels about this unprecendented time in which we find ourselves.  An event that will be reflected in the history books for generations, perhaps centuries to come.  So, I put together a brief survey that will be anonymous unless you specify otherwise. 

This is not intended to be a scientific survey, nor is it meant to be political.  It's just a snapshot of what folks are thinking and readers can draw their own conclusions based upon the results.

It would wonderful to have your input, or just take a look at the results even if you choose not be participate.

Happy holidays and stay safe.


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1)   In whom do you have the greatest trust re the virus and actions that need to be taken? The answers are listed alphabetically.

  Dr. Deborah Birx
  Governor Andrew Cuomo
  Governor Mike DeWine
  Dr. Anthony Fauci
  Governor Gavin Newsom
  Vice President Mike Pence
  President Trump
2)   Which grade would you give the federal government's overall handling of this public health event to date?

3)   Which of the following best describes your opinion on the federal government's overall handling?

  Appropriate based upon the information available at the time
  Overly aggressive
  Insufficiently aggressive
  Slow to react initially due to concerns unrelated to public heath
4)   Which should be the overriding concern when and how to reopen the country for business?

  The impact on the economy of continuing the shutdown
  The impact on public health of prematurely reopening the economy
5)   The next series of question relates to whether the virus has impacted you or someone you know to understand how widespread it has been so far. If you or someone you know has suffered a loss due to the virus, our heartfelt sympathies go out to you and yours. Have you personally tested positive for the virus

Yes No
6)   Has anyone in your family tested positive for the virus?

Yes No
7)   Have any of your friends tested positive for the virus?

Yes No
8)   How would you describe the symptoms of those persons referred to above as being impacted (e.g. yourself, friends, family)? In other words, how serious are the symptoms you or they have experienced?

9)   With regard to reopening the country, which best describes your opinion?

10)   Which statement best describes your employment status?

A Gig worker is defined as "independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers and temporary workers."
11)   Are you any of the following?

12)   A gender question. Do you identify as a male, female, or other?

13)   Which answer best describes your political position? Listed alphbetically.

  Social Democrat
14)   Where to you live? Please name the state or the country.

  New York
  Washington State
  Other State
  Other Country
15)   We would welcome your comments and narratives re your thoughts, personal experiences, observations, etc. To ensure that folks read it and to not take up to much space, we suggest limiting the narrative to about 250 words.