50th Reunion

Hi All,

Thanks for taking this quick survey. We are interested in your thoughts and opinions.

The Committee

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1)   Which month of the year would be best for the 50th Reunion?

2)   Would you prefer a one-evening event or a two successive day event? A one evening event would likely be a traditional, but fun, affair, a two day event would probably also include an informal first day (afternoon or evening) as well. Of course, if a two-day event, classmates would be able to choose to attend one or both days.

  I would prefer a one-evening event
  I would prefer a two-day event
3)   For the main evening event, would you prefer a buffet dinner (typically, chicken, beef, fish, or veg) or a heavy hor d'oeuvres that might provide more choices?

  Heavy hor d'oeuvres
4)   At the 35th Reunion, we had a Memorial Service on Punderson Lake where we shared memories of our passed classmates. Would you like us to build in a Memorial Service component for this reunion as well?

Yes No
5)   We would welcome your thoughts on possible venue choices. If you have any suggestions, please do share.

6)   We would like to see a sizable representation from graduates who attended each of the four junior high schools. Would you be willing to serve as an Agent to encourage your friends and classmates from your junior high to attend?

Yes No
7)   With regard to the 50th Reunion, I will likely

  Not Attend
  Perhaps attend depending on the details
  Won't attend this one but reserve my spot for the 75th
8)   For me, the most important consideration(s) about whether to attend the Reunion are:

  Date for the Reunion
  Activities Planned
  Identity of Classmates who have indicated that they will attend
  Health Considerations
This survey ended on 03/15/2023.